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Intuitive Chakra Reading & Reiki Healing (90mins)

Receive an Intuitive Reading with Reiki Energy!

Reiki is a relaxing energy transmission that works holistically, affecting body, mind and spirit. 

It can help reduce stress, which can promote an environment for healing in the physical body. 

Reiki can deepen your connection with your Higher Self, and many people report feeling more aligned in their lives, and more in tune with their Spiritual path after receiving Reiki. 

Distance Reiki operates on the Quantum Field, outside of space and time. 

While sending Reiki, Miranda receives clairvoyant messages which help you to see into aspects of your life that may need attention or healing. She shares them gently, and mindfully. You will also learn tools and techniques, channeled during your Reiki session, to help you take steps towards healing yourself, if you choose. 

Clear and open your energy centers, cut cords and receive intuitive guidance! 

Miranda uses her clairvoyant gift to look into your Chakra energy centers, and see what can be healed, learned and gained. 

She will tune into the Chakras which are speaking the 'loudest", and are presenting themselves to be looked at. Usually one or two Chakras will be examined in depth, in each session.  

Miranda receives messages about specific actions you can begin to use after your session to step more into your Authentic Self! 

She will energetically clear and clean out each Chakra for you, and align them for your Highest and Best. 

A bit about the Chakras:

  • Root Chakra. Located at the tailbone, it governs your feeling of safety in the world, and your rooted connections to family, land, and self. 
  • Sacral Chakra. Located at the navel. This energy center governs the spark of creation, and the home of the joy felt as we move through life and form relationships with others.
  • Solar Plexus. Located above the navel, where the front ribs meet. This is where you find your own inner wealth, and the motivation to put yourself out in the world.
  • Heart Chakra. Located in the center of the chest. The core of the heart chakra is said to always remain untouched by hurt or pain. That the Divine source of love is always there, within you. 
  • Throat Chakra. Located at the base of the throat. Ensuring that your speech is a pure and honest representation of who you truly are on a Soul level. 
  • Crown Chakra. Located at the top of the head. The remembrance of your own Divinity. A deep connection with Source and a feeling of oneness. 

Your Intuitive Chakra Reading & Reiki Healing is received:

  • Via Zoom live video conference (requires wifi)

Please purchase your reading, and you will be guided to the scheduling page. 

All purchases are final. I do not offer refunds.


What People Are Saying:

“"Miranda, thank you for your healing touch, insight and guidance! You gave me so many self-healing suggestions and practical solutions that really connected with my soul. You are so intuitive and gifted...I am fortunate and grateful that your light has graced my path!"”

Cheri Manis

“During our session, I felt my body pulsating with energy, I was consciously aware of each of my chakras. I also experienced a shimmering blue energy in my crown chakra. And funny enough, I had a picture of an octopus in my mind…. Funny you picked up on that image. I am so thankful for this knowledge Miranda, I will dig deep with grace and do the work to heal. Thank you for the healing. You definitely have a gift, and I am in awe.”

Jen Weissman

“Thank you Miranda for the chakra clearing and the intuitive reading. I experienced such a pleasant and beautiful feeling! Dare I say happiness? It’s amazing because I had been feeling a quite numb and stuck. After your work I felt totally lifted! When I read your very thorough personal chakra assessment it was astounding. So many crazy “synchronicities” in your reading. The best is that you gave great specific and doable action items to help maintain the lift. I feel as though I am vibrating much higher. All this from the comfort of my own home. Thanks my deeply gifted dear one!! What an amazing boost! I highly recommend you to every and all humans! I would also like to subscribe to a quarterly package of sorts to help maintain these gains you inspired. Thanks beyond!”

Heidi Farrow