The Purpose of Healing

Across my lifetime, I have experienced moments of absolute clarity and connection to Source, where I have received a "download" of instantaneous, but often very complex information. 

After a recent breathwork journey, I received one such message, as related to a deeply traumatic and scarring experience in my childhood. I humbly share the message I received with you now. 

Unresolved Past Issues

When we have an unresolved past issue which still requires healing, it is the nature of the wound to arise and seek the healing it needs. 

When we feel triggered, when we are reactive, or when we feel a deeply embodied response to something which others may not have a reaction to at all, it is because our wound is still present. 

Something about the present situation reminds us of how we were hurt in the past, and we may not even realize what is happening, or that we are reacting to what is occurring in the present because of a past experience of...

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