Taking Responsibility for our Actions

We are the only ones who can take responsibility for our actions

Any parent will tell you, the urge to shift responsibility outside of the self begins at a young age. My kids frequently embody Bart Simpson, claiming: “I didn’t do it!” even in the face of being caught red-handed. It’s almost funny! Except, when we develop a habit of not taking responsibility for our actions, we literally cut ourselves off from a learning experience, hindering our growth, and potentially causing conflict by blaming someone else. Which is not funny at all. 

It becomes a subconscious pattern, if we don’t change our perspective!

There are many ways NOT to take responsibility:
  • deflection/defensiveness
  • blame someone else
  • divert attention
  • get angry
  • criticize
  • provide evidence of your own good character
  • claim your intention was good
  • start crying
  • revise history


Pain and fear

Unfortunately, it is pain and fear that cause us to react in this way. Fear of being...

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