My 3 Favorite Grounding Crystals

It is my belief and feeling that almost all crystals are grounding. Crystals come from the earth, and being in contact with one of them, brings me into contact with the part of the earth that they are from.

Crystals, stones, gemstones, all come from the earth. They ARE the earth. Working with them, allows the vibrations of the earth and the resonance of each crystal's particular color and frequency expression, to enter your field. 

For the purposes of this share, I'm just talking about using crystals for grounding. There are so many other ways to work with your crystals, too! 

Here is the list of my 3 favorite grounding crystals to work with:

1) Black Tourmaline; I have a big old chunk of this on the dash in my car. I grab it and palm it when needed. I also buried pieces of black tourmaline in the four corners of my yard, to protect my home. All black crystals are considered to be grounding. They absorb negativity, and root you to the earth. 

black tourmaline


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Getting Grounded

Grounding connects you to earth energy. When you are grounded, you feel like you are actually in your body, present, aware, sensing, alive, attuned to your emotions, attuned to your environment, focused, clear, and calm. 

How do we become "ungrounded"?

Since we spend so much time indoors, looking at screens, driving our cars, traveling, juggling a lot of moving pieces, we are often in our heads, thinking, strategizing, ruminating, worrying, stressing out, and feeling like we are in a perpetual hurry, moving from one thing to the next. 

We become ungrounded just by living our “normal” lives, responding to daily experiences. It can also happen more suddenly if we are sent into fight-flight-freeze, or if something triggers us. 

You know that feeling when you arrive at your destination, but you don’t quite know how you got from A to B? Or when you can’t remember if you’ve locked your car. Or you don’t know where you put something, even...

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