The Purpose of Healing

Across my lifetime, I have experienced moments of absolute clarity and connection to Source, where I have received a "download" of instantaneous, but often very complex information. 

After a recent breathwork journey, I received one such message, as related to a deeply traumatic and scarring experience in my childhood. I humbly share the message I received with you now. 

Unresolved Past Issues

When we have an unresolved past issue which still requires healing, it is the nature of the wound to arise and seek the healing it needs. 

When we feel triggered, when we are reactive, or when we feel a deeply embodied response to something which others may not have a reaction to at all, it is because our wound is still present. 

Something about the present situation reminds us of how we were hurt in the past, and we may not even realize what is happening, or that we are reacting to what is occurring in the present because of a past experience of...

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My 3 Favorite Grounding Crystals

It is my belief and feeling that almost all crystals are grounding. Crystals come from the earth, and being in contact with one of them, brings me into contact with the part of the earth that they are from.

Crystals, stones, gemstones, all come from the earth. They ARE the earth. Working with them, allows the vibrations of the earth and the resonance of each crystal's particular color and frequency expression, to enter your field. 

For the purposes of this share, I'm just talking about using crystals for grounding. There are so many other ways to work with your crystals, too! 

Here is the list of my 3 favorite grounding crystals to work with:

1) Black Tourmaline; I have a big old chunk of this on the dash in my car. I grab it and palm it when needed. I also buried pieces of black tourmaline in the four corners of my yard, to protect my home. All black crystals are considered to be grounding. They absorb negativity, and root you to the earth. 

black tourmaline


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Getting Grounded

Grounding connects you to earth energy. When you are grounded, you feel like you are actually in your body, present, aware, sensing, alive, attuned to your emotions, attuned to your environment, focused, clear, and calm. 

How do we become "ungrounded"?

Since we spend so much time indoors, looking at screens, driving our cars, traveling, juggling a lot of moving pieces, we are often in our heads, thinking, strategizing, ruminating, worrying, stressing out, and feeling like we are in a perpetual hurry, moving from one thing to the next. 

We become ungrounded just by living our “normal” lives, responding to daily experiences. It can also happen more suddenly if we are sent into fight-flight-freeze, or if something triggers us. 

You know that feeling when you arrive at your destination, but you don’t quite know how you got from A to B? Or when you can’t remember if you’ve locked your car. Or you don’t know where you put something, even...

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Taking Responsibility for our Actions

We are the only ones who can take responsibility for our actions

Any parent will tell you, the urge to shift responsibility outside of the self begins at a young age. My kids frequently embody Bart Simpson, claiming: “I didn’t do it!” even in the face of being caught red-handed. It’s almost funny! Except, when we develop a habit of not taking responsibility for our actions, we literally cut ourselves off from a learning experience, hindering our growth, and potentially causing conflict by blaming someone else. Which is not funny at all. 

It becomes a subconscious pattern, if we don’t change our perspective!

There are many ways NOT to take responsibility:
  • deflection/defensiveness
  • blame someone else
  • divert attention
  • get angry
  • criticize
  • provide evidence of your own good character
  • claim your intention was good
  • start crying
  • revise history


Pain and fear

Unfortunately, it is pain and fear that cause us to react in this way. Fear of being...

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Tears: Do No Harm

I’ve shed a few already today, in a meditation where I connected with some  of my ancestors, and I started to write an Instagram post on the benefits of crying. However, when I realized how nuanced the subject was, I knew I needed to write something longer, and more deserving of the subject.


There are many benefits to having a good cry. Emotional release through crying and tears actually helps release stress hormones, and brings about a feeling of calm, peace, and space. Sometimes tears come because of emotional pain, but the feeling of deep love can also produce tears. 


Salt is Cleansing

We can think of crying as a way to release some debris and some toxicity, and make space for allowing something new and positive to come in. 


Crying honors where you are, and how you feel. Which is so very important. Crying can be a huge act of self love. 


When emotions arise, it is important to acknowledge their presence, and invite a...

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The Costs and Benefits of Cutting Toxic People Out of Your Life

How do you feel when you read articles and social posts that suggest you need to: "cut toxic people out of your life"? 

I see so many social media posts suggesting that I cut toxic people out of my life, and all the resounding "yes!" responses that they generate. However, they almost always leave me with a feeling of uneasiness. This type of message may inadvertently expand the ego, while not really offering positive modeling or an understanding of everyone's unique situation. 

It’s very easy to pronounce that everyone needs to cut toxic people out of their lives, and that we all deserve better. But what are the realities beyond that idealistic recommendation?

Ask yourself: Is it your Ego or your Soul responding to that need.

It's subtle, but there's a meaningful difference between cutting toxic people out of your life for your Self, because you truly know you are worth it and value yourself at that level - and choosing to do...

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Drop out of Ego, Drop into the Self


“We don’t hear what someone said; we imagine what they meant.”

- Byron Katie


Byron Katie’s quote highlights the root of so much conflict, and offers insight into how we might be able to communicate more effectively with one another, as well as gain more insight about our selves. 

We assign an imaginary meaning to what we hear others saying, based on our personal experience, which colors the lens of everything we look through. The words that are spoken, and the meaning behind them are obliterated by our own imperfect filtration system. We latch on to what we imagine is being said, thus dishonoring the experience of the person speaking. 


Over the course of our lives, we develop our ego to protect us. Layers of egoic influence begin to form around all our experiences, including the system, society and culture in which we live,  as well as our wounds and our pain; from...

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A little about me...

My name is Miranda and I am a Yoga Alliance Registered E-RYT 200hr Yoga Instructor and Intuitive Reiki Master. I teach people who are ready to connect more deeply with themselves to heal: mind body and soul.

I do customized work and share transformational tools to help clients create a new reality from the inside out so that they can become empowered, healthy, mindful and conscious creators of their reality.

 I belong to the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP), and teach Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Teacher levels. 

 Through the practice of Reiki and tuning into other people’s energy, I have developed my intuition to a high degree. I am able to see into the energy body, and channel messages related to health, life path, and current life events which provide deep insight and understanding for my clients.

I read your Chakras, open them, clear them, and provide information in the form of...

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