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About Miranda

I am a Yoga Alliance Registered E-RYT 200hr Yoga Instructor and Intuitive Reiki Master, and Tarot Reader

I'll teach you how to connect more deeply to yourself, to uncover your Soul's highest vision, to learn how to heal yourself, and how to weave the medicine of yoga, meditation, visualization, ritual, and spiritual connection into your daily life.

I do customized work, in-person and remotely (online), in which I share transformational tools to help you create a new reality from the inside out, so that you can become empowered, healthy, mindful and a conscious creator of your reality.


I have had a yoga practice for almost 25 years, and certified at Hapa Yoga in San Diego in 2015. I have since taught thousands of yoga classes, and co-led several 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings. I have studied yogic philosophy, the chakra system, and trauma-informed yoga. I have extensive training in prenatal and post-partum yoga, yin yoga, and hands on adjustments. 

I'd love to share the philosophies of yogic living with you, as these deep wisdoms stretch beyond time, and are still as important and relevant today as they were hundreds and thousands of years ago. 


I've had a meditation practice for over 15 years, and attended multiple 10-day silent Vipassana courses across the world. 

I can help you learn many different meditation techniques, from grounding and visualization, to loving kindness, as well as how to create healthy habits and rituals with your meditation practice. 


I was attuned to Reiki Levels 1 & 2 by Reiki Master Emorn Haridass in Bangkok, Thailand in the lineage of Usui Reiki in 2002. I became attuned as Reiki Master in 2017 by Susana Wolds, in the lineages of Usui Reiki and Tibetan Reiki. I belong to the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP), and teach Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Teacher levels. 

I offer Distance Reiki sessions, which include intuitive readings. I also offer attunements and trainings. 

Intuitive Work

Through the practice of Reiki and tuning into other people’s energy, I have developed my Intuition to a high degree. I am able to see into the energy body, and channel messages related to health, life path, and current life events which provide deep insight and understanding for my clients.

I have developed a Chakra clearing and healing  reading, in which I go into your Chakras, open them, clear them, and provide information in the form of messages, symbols, and images, which are held within these energy centers for the purposes of self-development and self-healing in all aspects of life.


I was first introduced to The Tarot by my mother, who showed me some of the magic contained within her Rider Waite cards. After I discovered Oracle Cards in my early 20s, I put the Tarot down for a few years. I began reading and collecting oracle decks. I loved the art, the colors and the variety. Most of all, I loved the soulful messages they carried. It wasn’t until I discovered the Osho Tarot in 2003 that I realized there were other decks than the one my mum had showed me, and I returned once again to the mystical power of Tarot. Many years after that, lots of studies and several decks later, I began to incorporate Tarot into my healing work. I would pull a card for my clients, and the message always seemed to resonate.

I can use the Tarot to help you gain insight into current energies and lessons, to help increase self-awareness, and to assist and support you along your path of spiritual development. 

I have studied Lindsay Mack, and incorporate some of her signature Soul Tarot and Trauma-Informed Tarot into my readings. I have also learned under Master Tarologist, Gina Spriggs, and draw from authors such as Rachel Pollack, Robert Muelle,r PhD, Signe E. Echols, M.S., Sandra A. Thomson, and Bakara Wintner. 

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