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Using ancient practices, tools and rituals to live more soul centered & successful modern lives!
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Private Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a path to mindfulness, to living an authentic life, and to accessing your Highest Self. Yoga teaches us to accept what is, rather than what we might want it to be. The practice of yoga teaches you to tune into the present moment, and offers the gift of bringing awareness to Self…. first on the mat, and then gradually in all aspects of life.

And it's a good work out too!

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"During our session, I felt my body pulsating with energy, I was consciously aware of each of my chakras. I also experienced a shimmering blue energy in my crown chakra. And funny enough, I had a picture of an octopus in my mind…. Funny you picked up on that image. I am so thankful for this knowledge Miranda, I will dig deep with grace and do the work to heal. Thank you for the healing. You definitely have a gift, and I am in awe."

Jen Weissman

Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki Distance Healing is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow, activating the natural healing processes in your body as well as restoring your physical and emotional well-being. As a certified Reiki Practitioner since 2002, I help clients reduce their stress and anxiety, among other ailments. I sometimes receive one or two intuitive messages during a session from your body’s consciousness and your Spirit Guides and Angels which may assist you in your healing.

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Oracle and Om

The weekly message for busy intuitives and gifted healers

Intuitive Chakra Reading

Find answers to your deepest questions. Do you feel stuck and want to uncover what is holding you back? Do you have a specific issue you are dealing with? Do you need clarity on your Life Purpose, Relationships, Career or are you looking to align spiritually and live more authentically?

 I receive messages from your body's consciousness and from your Spirit Guides and Angels, regarding the energies at each of your chakras (7 energy centers in your body*). You receive a detailed report of everything that I see, hear and feel, at each of the chakras. Send me your burning questions, and you will receive insight, messages, as well as specific, life changing, practical action points to manifest your reality.


*you do not need to have a working knowledge of the chakras to understand your reading.

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"Thank you Miranda for the chakra clearing and the intuitive reading. I experienced such a pleasant and beautiful feeling! Dare I say happiness? It’s amazing because I had been feeling a quite numb and stuck. After your work I felt totally lifted! When I read your very thorough personal chakra assessment it was astounding. So many crazy “synchronicities” in your reading. The best is that you gave great specific and doable action items to help maintain the lift. I feel as though I am vibrating much higher. All this from the comfort of my own home. Thanks my deeply gifted dear one!! What an amazing boost! I highly recommend you to every and all humans! I would also like to subscribe to a quarterly package of sorts to help maintain these gains you inspired. Thanks beyond!"

Heidi Farrow

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

I offer in depth Tarot card readings that are a blend of traditional and intuitive, with a focus on healing and the journey of the soul's path. 

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